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Online Woodworking Class: Buying Wood, Cut List to Shopping List

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Buying Wood: Cut List to Shopping List

This is our first online woodworking class, and its FREE.

We think it is important, before you ever play with your tools that you know how to buy the right wood. This class is designed to give you some really basic information on how to buy wood appropriate for your first woodworking project. Learn what woods are the easiest to work with and why. Then create a shopping list so you know what to buy!

For the more advanced woodworker that would like to use rough lumber, we've included a special section on how to calculate board feet (and calculating board feet is not so straight forward) and a general idea on how lumber brokers grade or sort for quality the various wood species, so you can buy smart, get wood that's really going to look awesome and save some money in the process.

We will take a real live woodworking "plan" and disect it, rebuilding the cut list to create a shopping list that you can take along when you go to the store to buy your wood.

Price $29.99 FREE introductory offer TODAY >>  START CLASS NOW

PS: Bonus #1:

Send away for your very own PDF downloadable form to calculate board feet with no painful math formulas :)

PSS: Bonus #2:

Wood Data Sheets for the top 6 North American wood species, their good, bad and troublesome features. Start building your wood library!

So why are we giving this away for free?

1. We want to make you a better buyer of wood.

As a hobbyist woodworker one of your first challenges is to buy material that you can chop down to make something. That might sound like a pretty easy job for today's cruise around town, but you'd be surprised. So before we can introduce you to our online woodworking classes it is important to have a basic understanding of the raw material of the trade.

Like any field of interest wood and woodworking is full of its own lingo.. BF, LF, #1&2, nominal vs actual sizing, rough or dressed etc. All of these are either pricing, quality or sizing issues that get thrown out for digestion in the "simple" process of shopping for some lumber.

  • What is the REAL size of wood, nominal, actual or what? Why isn't 1x6, 1"x 6"?
  • How does one calculate board feet? .. what you need and what you pay for?
  • What is the difference between rough and dressed, D2S, D4S, S4S?
  • What is grading? Selects, FAS 1F, effect of wane, crook or sap?
  • How grading can affect the price ?
  • .. and much more

Price $29.99 FREE introductory offer TODAY >>  START CLASS NOW

2. We want to let you experience our wood working training online.

Hopefully you'll find the experience FUN and EDUCATIONAL. One without the other is kind of boring :)

We know you'll love it.

  • You can go back through it as many times as you feel necessary.
  • You can replay the woodworking videos.
  • Scroll down to the lower part of the page and get access to printable notes and extra resources.

After taking the class, if you think that we know what we are talking about, we'd like you to scan our list of other classes and buy into the opportunity to experience wood working training online from the comfort of your own workshop, no travel cost, no sleeping on a lumpy bed and the opportunity to learn on your own tools.

Remember we guarantee complete satisfaction with all the material presented, so this is pretty risk free! In thirty days if you haven't learnt what we said you will learn then you can request a full refund.... of course in this case you haven't paid anything so we are pretty well off the hook :)

Price $29.99 FREE introductory offer TODAY >>  START CLASS NOW

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