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woodworking women:  Scroll Saw Blades

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scroll saw bladesOut of all the technical issues associated with scroll saws and their uses, probably the discussion revolving around "choosing a scroll saw blade" is the most complex. I believe it has just got too confusing for the average scroller and what you really just need to do is find one or two blades that you love and stick with it until you've got a good reason to change.

Remember my addiction to Rolo Ice Cream... well if you find something you REALLY love why mess with it! Marketers are forever dreaming up another mouse trap to capture the attention of a few new customers that NEED to have the newest, but that doesn't mean that you have to follow.

Having said all that let me give you some specific information on what questions you might ask yourself, to get started on choosing that BEST scroll saw blade so that you can find those one or two blades that work great for you, and your style of scrolling.

Choosing a blade does depend somewhat on what you are doing with your saw and the type of materials you might be cutting. So in the following information I'll also try and give you a few thoughts on what is important to consider in relationship to your particular projects and the types of wood you may be playing with.

At the end we'll help you put it all together and try to offer a few specifics on when to use which scroll saw blade size and what size and type of wood they might be most appropriate for. It won't be the right answers for everyone, but will help you get started ... so keep reading and happy scrolling ...


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