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woodworking women: Excaliber Scroll Saw 30 inch

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Product Details

  • Throat Capacity: The EX21, refers to this scroll saw's 21" throat capacity
  • Angle Cuts : Its claim-to-fame is that unlike most scroll saws the excaliber scroll saws table does NOT move but rather the entire head tilts 45 degrees in each direction. At the maximum 45° tilt it has a cutting capacity of 1 1/4" . This keeps your working surface parallel to the floor for easier cutting.

  • Cutting Capacity: If the arms are keep in the upright position then the saw has a 2" cutting capacity.
  • Speed & Tension controls: Nice thing about this saw is that the control knobs are right on top.
  • excaliber scroll saw upper arm liftTable Surface: 13.5" x 23.5" work surface, with support for the table on both the front and the back.
  • Top arm raise: The upper arm lifts to give more clearance for blade changes.
  • Motor: 120 volt, 1.3 amp, Variable speed scroll saw from 400 stp to 1550 stp.
  • Types of Blades: This saw can only use plain ended blades.
  • Blade Changes: No tool quick blade changes with finger operated clamps.
  • Blade Storage: this excaliber scroll saw has built in blade holders on each side of the machine to hold the standard round blade tubes.
  • Blade Raise and Lower: The most unique feature of this Excaliber Scroll Saw is the upper arm tentioner knob at the back of the machine.. If you turn it all the way in the clockwise direction it will raise the arm to its maximum height. if you turn the blade counterclockwise 4 full turns it will lower the upper arm approximately 1" and allow you to use a fresh and sharper section of your scroll saw blade.
  • Weight: 65 pounds
  • Warranty: 2 years

Accessories for the Excaliber Scroll Saw EX21

  • excalibur scroll saw pedalFoot pedal: The foot pedal is an alternative method of turning your saw on and off, by-passing the standard switch. With current safety requirements, the excaliber scroll saw is only ON when the peddle is HELD in the down position. The foot pedal does not operate as a manual On/Off switch.

    Thus if you scroll for a long time in one shot, it may cause foot cramping and you'd be better to save the dollars and train yourself to use the traditional switch conveniently located on the top of the tool.

  • excaliber scroll saw standScroll Saw Stand: Excaliber produces a pretty light duty four legged, angle iron, bolt-together scroll saw stand.

    If its next to free I'd probably take it, but for $100. I'd make one myself that I could incorporate some storage compartments into the design of the base.
  • Light. I believe they have a light now that clamps to the left side of their machines. Seems to me it was about $30. you can certainly get a lot less expensive LED lights that will do the same thing if you don't care about fashion co-ordination..

Approximate Cost: $750.00 plus $50 to $100 for the stand depending on whether you buy it with the saw or independently.

Excalibur Scroll Saw Parts:

After a bit of trading, the excalibur scroll saw brand is now owned by General International, a Canadian tool manufacturer in Montreal, Quebec. You can tell if you have one of their models by the colour. When General International bought out the previous company they changed the colour to General's standard muddy green :)

More Information:

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Offsite Information:

General International: sales and parts counter at: 514-326-1161 or email at: website: .

In the United States I believe it is that provide repair and parts service

Operations Manual for the excaliber EX21. It does have some good diagrams and basic how-to information.

Woodcraft has an excaliber scroll saw video on their site

A great up-to-date blog for excaliber scroll saw reviews


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